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  • Oct. 16th, 2017 at 9:40 PM
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Kalloway's Door

DW username: [personal profile] kalloway
AO3 username: [ profile] kalloway

You may get: Fic! (drabbles-or-longer), icons, recs, meta, picspam, etc.

Please leave me: A fandom, pairing, character and/or prompt, or a general request. Multiple requests are fine! Or just leave a 'fic or treat' and you could get anything! (I'll peek at your profile interests and go from there~)

Light is on for: everyone from SuperGo, everyone in my dwircle, anyone wandering by! No need to have your own door post. Don't be shy!

Fandoms, etc.: Saint Seiya, Final Fantasy VII/AC, Final Fantasy VIII, Gundam SEED/Astray/Destiny, Gundam 00, Twin Signal, Kiddy Grade, Macross/Frontier, Generator Gawl, Gundam Build Fighters, Voltron: Legendary Defender, Tekkaman Blade II, any of my original stuff, anything with dragons or robots/mecha, or float me an inquiry because I'm sure there's plenty I haven't listed.

Other info: DNW flat out rape/non-con, but everything else is open~

Oct. 14th, 2017

  • 6:56 PM
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I need to dig out my to-do list...

I picked up a few things from the sale shelves at the library yesterday, including a two-disc soundtrack for Fantasia, which was the 50th anniversary digital remaster from 1990. I don't want to know how much someone paid for it originally, but for fifty cents, I consider it an epic score! (er, literally!)

Voltron S4 sure was a thing-- the sort of thing I'll be picking bits out of for a while, likely. It definitely sold me a few shares in Matt/Pidge, deargods.

Since Dragonball S2 arrived, we've been watching that-- with everything else going on, it's nice to be able to sit back and laugh at a guy with nyoi bo stuck in his arse. ^^;;

Oh, and also a 'horror' movie called Teeth, about vagina dentata. I actually rather liked it. Boycritter finds it the scariest movie ever, as apparently he'd never run into the concept of vagina dentata before?

Me: This isn't as much a horror movie as it is a metaphor for growing up with a wish for more control over your body and environment.

Oct. 13th, 2017

  • 10:25 PM
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Other than it being Sen & Nadleeh's 8th anniversary, in real time, (Happy Anniversary, you two. I knew you'd be fine~) today has been so astoundingly unimpressive and underwhelming that I think I'm just going to go over there-- *vague pointing* --and do anything other than continue today-ing.


  • Oct. 13th, 2017 at 10:42 AM
darthneko: Star Trek Leonard McCoy ([fandom] space monkeys)
My week, thus far, has consisted of the following in no particular order:

  • endless monkeys
  • terrifying commutes involving the dredge end of hurricane downpours in the dark with zero visibility
  • same as above, but now add in road repaving, so it's grooved, wet, and has no lane markers at all
  • an hour of overtime, countered by a fortuitous hour off early the next day so that I actually got home early and wasn't stuck on the train that apparently broke down for several hours
  • a 2 hour job that ended up dragging on for an entire day with multiple revisions, all while backing up the jobs I was originally supposed to be doing
  • the discovery that the ankle I banged up back in august is still being Problematic, and the problem is probably tendon related (DO NOT step down and pivot on that foot. Not even a little, not even just to modify course on the sidewalk in order to not run into someone. Just don't.)
  • being behind on inktober
  • making headway on the short that needs to hit the Zon market next week in time for the halloween theme
  • going to bed early two nights in a row because EXHAUSTED, only to discover I'm even more tired the next morning after tossing and turning all night
  • forgetting to take my meds yesterday (yeah, THAT didn't help with the exhausted at all)
  • and one or two minor bouts of my stomach being a total whore

    *flops* Hi, I'm tired. How are you?
  • Inside the house...

    • Oct. 10th, 2017 at 6:57 PM
    kalloway: (GS MSV Strike Rouge)
    ...or The Perils of Non-English Source Material?

    [personal profile] kalloway: *facepalming*
    [personal profile] kalloway: The problem is not actually AO3 this time, though?
    [personal profile] taichara: hm?
    [personal profile] kalloway: They've finally canonized Elijah (Patron Saint of Pretty Scars) as Elijah Kiel, which is actually my preferred version. I've been using Keel because that's the version in Frame, but... in the back of the Re:Master of Astray 3, it's Kiel again. And Loretta and Kazahana are back to Aja.
    [personal profile] taichara: thank fuck, because the others are terrible imo.
    [personal profile] kalloway: Aw, I like them as Azure. It's actually a word?
    [personal profile] taichara: if it's the sacrifice that needs to be made to not have Elijah be a ship part ~
    [personal profile] taichara: *ducks*
    [personal profile] kalloway: He's half of a lot of my ships?
    [personal profile] taichara: *snrrrrrk*
    [personal profile] taichara: spose it's apt, the keel's the bottom ;3

    Oct. 10th, 2017

    • 5:36 PM
    kalloway: (Default)
    Still AO3'ing, since I feel sort of like death but am also out of sleep.

    I've pulled everything I could find out of the Anonymous collection... sent in a Support ticket for an interesting bug I discovered, and am still wandering along~ I had last year's Yuletide fics in the Anonymous collection because Reasons, and then my Chocolate Box fics...

    (I think the safe thing to say about that is that I just wasn't comfortable with myself for awhile - it had nothing to do with my recips.)

    Next, on the oldest-to-newest cleanup is Breathing Underwater, a Gundam SEED fic from Poly Big Bang! Because it ended up being a lot longer than anticipated, I got rushed at the end so I figured for posting it on AO3, I could do another editing pass and expand a bit. I apparently stalled out at 5/7 chapters and there it's sat since, basically, when I went back to school. (Yes, I suspect these things are related. I sort of joked that I paused my life to go back to school, but it was true in a lot of ways. There are a lot of things, in general, that I had been working on, intended to do, etc. that just got dropped for the three-and-a-half-year duration. And it's okay, because I came out of it in a much better situation overall, but y'know.)

    Anyway, Breathing Underwater! I still really like the fic, but it does need one more tiny editing pass and some expansion on the last two 'chapters' to even make them chapters. Sure, it's hitting on 'I see you are editing your edits, again!' but the few things I saw when reading through were definitely some stumbles. ^^;;

    I guess I should also wander through the "!archive me" tag on here and see what I have lingering...

    Some slightly more upbeat ao3 stuff...

    • Oct. 8th, 2017 at 5:24 PM
    kalloway: (Kiddy Girl-and Good End)
    [community profile] lionswap went live this morning, yay! I ended up not making it thru my rewatch. ^^;; The last couple days have been headache/fatigue hell and the only thing I can think to blame it on is the weather, because it is being simultaneously freezing, unseasonably warm, grossly rainy, etc. and I know that sort of flopping does me in.

    I've been working a bit on my AO3 account - before I start doing heavy cross-posting, I want what's already there to be in good shape. This means things like putting tags on my one imported-from-2006 Yuletide fic (and gifting it to its recip, since that didn't come through), making tags a bit more uniform across some fandoms (Gundam SEED, etc. Final Fantasy VII, etc.), and putting things in collections if collections exist. I may have to ask about making a few for old mailing lists, etc. I'm still not very good at 'advertising'-type tags. Mostly I just tag for main characters/pairings, and then maybe a main theme.

    It'll be interesting, once I have everything cross-posted, to see what percentages of works in some of my small fandoms are by me. Already I have 100% of the Voiceful works and more than half of the Ar tonelico section. ^^;; More than half of the Astray section, too (not a surprise). I know I'll end up taking over the Kiddy Grade section at some point. (And I have a lot of stuff to post that doesn't even have fandom tags on AO3 yet, I think...)

    Yuletide letter placeholder

    • Oct. 8th, 2017 at 2:27 PM
    petronia: (Default)
    This will be up in about a week. XD 

    [Fic] Tekkaman Blade II

    • Oct. 7th, 2017 at 11:59 AM
    kalloway: (ToX Ivar)
    Another set of ficlets from [personal profile] luxken27's Summer Mini-Challenge~

    All Tekkaman Blade II, all David/Dead End. Individual ratings, etc. Aside from one, which kept getting hits as I tried to edit a couple tags on it via mobile, they're all still at 0 hits. So, apparently, my obscure-iest fandom~!

    Shades of Red (508 words) by Kalloway
    Fandom: Uchuu no Kishi Tekkaman Blade | Teknoman
    Rating: General Audiences
    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
    Relationships: David Kruegel/Dead End
    Characters: David Kruegel, Dead End (Tekkaman Blade II)
    Additional Tags: Post-Series
    Series: Part 1 of And then after...
    Summary: David gets dragged along when Natasha offers to take Dead End shopping.

    Hesitations (214 words) by Kalloway
    Fandom: Uchuu no Kishi Tekkaman Blade | Teknoman
    Rating: Mature
    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
    Relationships: David Kruegel/Dead End
    Characters: David Kruegel, Dead End (Tekkaman Blade II)
    Additional Tags: Post-Series
    Series: Part 2 of And then after...
    Summary: David, on his own inexperience with certain sex acts.

    Shooting Stars (277 words) by Kalloway
    Fandom: Uchuu no Kishi Tekkaman Blade | Teknoman
    Rating: General Audiences
    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
    Relationships: David Kruegel/Dead End
    Characters: David Kruegel, Dead End (Tekkaman Blade II), Yumi Francois
    Additional Tags: Post-Series
    Series: Part 3 of And then after...
    Summary: Wish on a falling star...

    In Uniform (310 words) by Kalloway
    Fandom: Uchuu no Kishi Tekkaman Blade | Teknoman
    Rating: Not Rated
    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
    Relationships: David Kruegel/Dead End
    Characters: David Kruegel, Dead End (Tekkaman Blade II)
    Additional Tags: Post-Series
    Series: Part 4 of And then after...
    Summary: Making things a little more official...

    Caution (269 words) by Kalloway
    Fandom: Uchuu no Kishi Tekkaman Blade | Teknoman
    Rating: Not Rated
    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
    Relationships: David Kruegel/Dead End
    Characters: David Kruegel, Dead End (Tekkaman Blade II)
    Additional Tags: Post-Series
    Series: Part 5 of And then after...
    Summary: Those first few times, David erred on the side of caution.


    • Oct. 6th, 2017 at 9:46 AM
    darthneko: purple cartoon bunny (Default)
    Updated to iOS 1.11 on the ipad. DNW. It's weird, I don't like it, my app store is all funky and kind of Pinterest like, and dammit, STOP MAKING EVERYTHING LOOK LIKE SOCIAL MEDIA. Fuck this noise, I don't like social media to begin with, I don't need everything looking like it. *hisss*

    Behind on Inktober again, but yay, it's friday, I have a weekend to catch up. And continue the great glacially slow unpacking... we have 3 weeks to unpack the rest of the living room and make it look like a real house before my mom gets here. Sadly, we've already unpacked the books, everything that's left goes in the "I don't know where I'm putting this" category. (oh closets, you are going to be my saving grace!)

    And in the meantime, if I buckle down and knock out today's jobs then I can sit and ink (hopefully before I can no longer decipher the scribbly sketch I'm working on. There comes a point in a drawing's lifespan where the multiple levels of scribble scratch no longer look like anything except maybe a relative of cthulu.)

    [Fic] Voltron: Legendary Defender

    • Oct. 3rd, 2017 at 6:44 PM
    kalloway: (Default)
    From [personal profile] luxken27's Summer Mini-Challenge, all Voltron: Legendary Defender, all 'Not Rated, Choose Not To Warn', though they're just little character moments. I definitely want to write more VLD fic, and this was a lot of fun~

    Flavor and Scent (297 words) by Kalloway
    Characters: Shiro (Voltron)
    Additional Tags: Pre-Canon
    Series: Part 1 of Moments
    Summary: Shiro needs to make an important purchase...

    Sudden Realization (220 words) by Kalloway
    Characters: Lance (Voltron), Pidge | Katie Holt
    Series: Part 2 of Moments
    Summary: Lance can't sleep-- not when he can't figure out why the folks he met earlier looked so familiar...

    What Ifs (199 words) by Kalloway
    Characters: Hunk (Voltron)
    Series: Part 3 of Moments
    Summary: Hunk wonders if any one thing might've gone differently...

    Electric Magic (481 words) by Kalloway
    Characters: Pidge | Katie Holt, Shiro (Voltron)
    Additional Tags: Electricity
    Series: Part 4 of Moments
    Summary: Pidge is still trying to make the castle work for her...

    Learning to Fly (555 words) by Kalloway
    Characters: Keith (Voltron), Roy Fokker, Miriya Parina Sterling
    Additional Tags: Pre-Canon, Robotech Cameos
    Series: Part 5 of Moments
    Summary: Keith, finally getting somewhere...

    bullet points

    • Oct. 3rd, 2017 at 9:33 AM
    darthneko: tired pink bunny with really big coffee mug ([personal] coffee coffee coffee)
  • Have bought plane tickets to go see my Dad. By sheer luck (and the fact that Dad's town in Alaska only has one tiny airport) I will be meeting up with Mom in Seattle and we'll be flying up on the same flight. Ditto for on the way out. The only flaw in all of it is that I have to freaking drive to the airport on my end and park the car in the economy lot for the duration, plus I get back here at midnight my time. Tentative plan is to take an extra day off and just crash in a cheap hotel around the airport for the night, then drive home the next day, because airports are always hell in the form of tangles of circular roads, and I am not driving in the dark at midnight somewhere I have no familiarity with. Driving in at 6am in the dark is bad enough. >____<

  • Finished my exchange fic! \o/ On time and everything! \o/ I'll share it once the crossover/fusion exchange goes live, which is next week I think. Or... well, I guess the author reveal is on the 20th, so yeah, then. Kudos to my dragon for a quick proofread, helping me find and replace all the italic marks with proper code, and the idea for the best epilogue ever. XD

  • Health news - test results came back good, everything is as it should be. I have, however, asked my doc to try raising the adderall up by half, as it very much feels like it's not as effective any more. We'll see how that goes.

  • A bit behind on Inktober. Weekends are always a hot mess, and yesterday was "oh crap, there's a fic deadline!", and now I have three sketches but haven't applied ink to them yet. I'll work on that today.

  • And as soon as I'm caught up on that, OMG I need to play WoW. NEED, not want, but need, because my performance in the raid last week was utterly humiliating and goddammit, I don't want to be carried, I need to up my game and go grind to get some better gear, because being the first one dead on every boss pull is just demoralizing and humiliating. >_<

  • Because of all of the above, there hasn't been more fic writing like the usual stuff yet. I'll get back on that too, as soon as I'm caught up on Inktober.
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